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Cardboard Insanity says Raid the Pantry is a delightful and wonderful instant hit, October 2016.

The BoardGamingAtHome family play a three-handed game of Raid the Pantry and share their impressions, May 2016:

Cuisine Magazine, Christmas edition 2015
Item about Raid the Pantry in Cuisine, Christmas issue 2015

Review on the Father Geek website, November 2015

As one Parent Geek put it, “The game can either go in your favor or not, but in either case, you still have to work for your points. It’s just that sometimes it’s easier and sometimes it’s harder, but it’s always fun.” Another Parent Geek said, “I’m really enjoying this. I like that we can reuse cards and the way players softly interact with each other, providing just enough player to player competition to make it fun, but not overly aggressive.”

Customer Review by Craig Sisterson on Amazon, June 2015

This is a truly delightful game that sneaks up on you in terms of how much fun it is. Seemingly simple, it’s amazing how quickly the competitive juices start flowing as players collect ingredients cards to make dishes, while also dumpster diving, stealing, swapping, and more. I’ve played this game with elderly relatives, fellow professionals in their 20s/30s, work colleagues, children, family and friends. It’s also great for kids, in terms of introducing them to various ingredients and dishes from around the world. Sitting around a table, the times flies by, and this is an easy game to play again and again and again. So much fun and lots of laughs and banter. I was surprised how much we enjoyed this, and ended up buying the game for several friends as gifts. Terrific.

“Raid the Pantry is a fun game. Easy to learn with a set of well-written rules to go with it. Easy to set-up too. Plays fairly quickly, if you have limited time.”
June Y, Winner, Wellycon 2014 Raid the Pantry tournament

From Jonathan Nelson of Gaming Bits:  Board and Card Game Reviews, April 2014

This game is a lot of fun to play. It’s a very light game of hand management and set collection. It’s easy to understand and easy to play. I really like everything about it.

Read the full review.

“Thanks for designing this game, it’s one of my favorites. I love food and cooking therefore I’m glad to have a great food themed game to play!”
Shirley S, April 2014

From Conan Trainor, Co-owner of the 13th Dimension, Albury, NSW, Australia, January 2014:

Amazingly good fun! The simple act of getting ingredients and making dishes doesn’t seem like much but the action cards and the garbage bin element add that extra bit of interest and make it into a really complete game.

“Great for getting the younger members of the family interested in food,” says Dish magazine, which included Raid the Pantry as a recommended Side Dish in the April/May 2013 issue. For the entire write-up, click here.

Raid the Pantry won the honor “Recommended by American Mensa” at the Mind Games 2013 event. Selected judges’ comments:

  • Among the card games, this one was truly original.
  • A perfect game for foodies!
  • Very unique–never played anything like it.
  • Nice job on the photos of food and ingredients. It was great to have a game based on cooking! There was also good variety in strategy of how to collect ingredients. This was my favorite game so far.
  • I want to get this.
  • Please make the cards scratch ‘n’ sniff
  • A delicious treat
  • I think the theme is like a timed cooking competition show on TV

    From Fritz Husselmann, February 2013:

    “Raid the Pantry is an awesome game – we enjoy playing it frequently, and it ekes out most other card games and such because it’s just as fun in small groups – and we sometimes end up looking up the recipes on the cards when we want a treat!”

    A reviewer’s son gives his verdict

    From Richard Ireland, owner of the Crafti Bug online store, November 2012:

    “Rachel, the older children and I have all now played Raid the Pantry which everyone really enjoyed. It took us a little while to get going with it, but once we understood it, we had a great time. One thing I was really impressed with was the hints and tips on the cards and the fact that ingredients were not just in English, but other languages as well so children get exposure to these languages.”

    From Annika Thurlow, Young Members Coordinator, Mensa New Zealand, November 2012:

    “My favourite was definitely Raid the Pantry, where you have to be the first to construct the most dishes without getting undone by the other cooks. It was hilarious and even though I lost badly, I still thoroughly enjoyed it.”

    Click here to watch a video review of Raid the Pantry by the Dice Tower’s Tom Vasel and three of his daughters, October 2012.

    On September 21st the New Zealand Lawyer magazine published this review of both Raid the Pantry and Komodo. Review written by Angela Jacobsen.

    On August 30, Melbourne’s Game Shop posted the following comments on Facebook about their “card game of the moment – Raid the Pantry!”

    “Raid the Pantry is a hand-management card game with more twists and turns than the Masterchef kitchen. Players haggle, steal and get down and dirty in the rubbish bin to create full sets of delicious recipes while keeping a sharp eye on other pots on the boil and hotter than Curtis-hot-Stone oven temperatures. Order up!”

    On July 22, during the Board Games by the Bay event in Auckland, we held the world’s first (mini) Raid the Pantry tournament. Dan Nickoley of Manukau City Board Game Group had this to say:

    Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 9.25.36 am“I had a fun game with a father and his 7 year old son.  The designers took almost all of the pictures of the ingredients and the dishes.  Definitely multi-talented cooks and boardgame designers!  The artwork is gorgeous, and the gameplay is pretty good.  This is definitely a family game. However, the 8+ age rating is well placed, as a small amount of reading is required (for the action cards).”

    Click here to read a full-length review by Pittsburgh-based BoardGameGeek Golden Reviewer Vince Paone, who is also the author of the Dad’s Gaming Addiction blog.

    This review of Raid the Pantry (and Komodo) was given by Susan Baldacci on Radio New Zealand’s “Afternoons with Jim Mora” program on 19 June 2012.


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