Game Credits

We’d like to thank all the fantastic people who helped us design and test Raid the Pantry.

Original Game Design:  Julia Schiller and Amanda Milne (SchilMil Games)
Design of the Second Edition:  Julia Schiller

Photography:  John Kershaw, Amanda Milne, Julia Schiller and Chris Guthrey

Kevin Dundon (Bobotie)  *  Durello Traditional Brazilian Foods Ltd (Coxinha)  *  Irene Chen (Dumplings)  *  David Curry (Flan)  *  Rachel Giesbers (Marketplace: Voluntary)  *  Michela Versino (Ceviche, first edition)  *  Jan Zawadzki (Cooking Tip, first edition)


  Julia Schiller, Amanda Milne and Aaron Barron (first edition)

Katie Curd and Julia Schiller (second edition)

Rule Book Layout and Graphics

Stephen Boswell (first edition)

Julia Schiller (second edition)

WordsmithPeter Kenny

Game Testers:  Doug and Mel Annan, Jort Bloem, Laura Burgess, Chris Chitty,
Stephen Donnelly, Bev Edmonds, Helen Eyles, Jordan Fane, Margarret Fidow,
Chris Guthrey, Sean Hanson, Matthew Hunt, Tomomi Imaizumi, Anaise Irvine,
Moshe & Marcienne Jacobson, Paul Jepsen and Valerie Mills, Clark & Megan Mills,
Mo Naughton, Kim, Shayne & Jesse Neville, Chris Paice, Holly Phillips & friends,
Bregina Pool, Bruce Rankine & other staff at Bullôt and Rankine, Drew Smith,
Alistair Stafford, Angela & David Taylor, Christoph Thurner, the Waddell Family,
Bowen Walker, Adam White and parents, Karen Whiteley, Joanne Wilkes,
David Wright and all our other helpers

Foreign Language Translations: Bibiána Balanyi, Kathrin Jaki,
Teresa Miotk, Irina Ovchinnikova, Michela Versino

Crêpe Maker: Karen Whiteley

Special Thanks: Nicolas Zawadzki, Tester and Dumpster Diver Extraordinaire

Our intrepid dumpster diver at work.

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